Tal El collection & recycling LTD
Established 25 years ago is today an Israeli leader regarding waste paper collection, stocklots & misprint, fall outs utilization & still expanding & growing within the frame of waste material management such as plastics like PET, LDPE, Agriculture LDPE, PP & more. Today handling more then 3500 tons of waste paper & other materials monthly.

More then 50% of our production is exported worldwide.

Sources of our waste paper & plastics:
Municipalities, printing houses, factories
Services stores etc…
We are giving collection services nation wide in Israel.

Being naturally connected to many sources & buyers in stocklots markets
around the world.
We shall be glad to hear from you if you can offer stocklots of various paper rolls or cores to be exported from your country, or if you are representing a paper plant that Is looking for more reliable supply.

Items of interst:
Baled waste paper such as: OCC, ONP, OINP BBC, PCMC, BALED CORES, ETC…

Stocklots rolls/sheets of many kinds:
Rolls & sheets of Colored or Printed of various gsms, adhesives, SBS, Duplex boards, Metalized, coated Butt rolls or cores of news-paper grade & more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Tal El collection & recycling LTD

Elad Miller
International Trade Manager

Tal El Collection & Recycling Ltd.
P.o.b. 193 Beerotaim, 42850, Israel WWW.TALEL.CO.IL
Tel: 972-9-8989723 EXT 103
Fax: 972-9-8989720

PCMC bales
OCC bales
Tissue bales
ONP bales

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